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Hello World!

Hi! My name is Marisa. I am a transfer student from Santa Barbara City College. This is a my first semester here at CSUCI and I am a communications major. So far I am enjoying my classes and getting used to all the green grass. I am originally from Santa Paula, so I am used […]


Hello World!

Hi! My name is Marisa. I am a transfer student from Santa Barbara City College. This is a my first semester here at CSUCI and I am a communications major. So far I am enjoying my classes and getting used to all the green grass. I am originally from Santa Paula, so I am used to this heat. I love cats, but unfortunately I don’t have one. It upsets me greatly. I love to swim; my favorite stroke being the butterfly. I play two instruments: the clarinet and the alto sax. I have played classical clarinet and jazz sax. My favorite genre to play is swing. I recently got into painting, so I hope to pursue that, and continue to get better. I love to read. Some of my favorite books are John Dies at the End, The Book Thief, Shadow of the Wind, and Unwind. I also love to do mine, and if able, do my friends nails. Sometimes I go really artsy fartsy and make very intricate designs. I like to eat and sometimes cook food. If I have friends over I will most likely cook them something rather than order something out. What I mainly know how to cook is Mexican food. All my mother’s recipes.

My Digital Footprint

When I went to look at my digital foot print I was a bit nervous. The reason being, I was worried about what I might find. Not that there was anything that I would be embarrassed about or incriminating. I was more worried about people finding information about myself that I would consider private. To my relief there was nothing too personal that I could get all worked up about. The only main thing that a person could find on myself on the internet is my instagram account, which I don’t keep private. So to me, that was not a big deal. There was also a record of my income from my previous job. This was also not a big deal because they had all the student workers income posted online as well. There was only one post from Facebook that I was mentioned in, but that was only because I had liked a post. When I looked up images of my name there was a picture of me that I found. It was an old picture from my Confirmation. It had been associated with Myspace. Thinking it was from a friend or relative that had tagged me I went to investigate. In my findings I actually found that it was my old account. I immediately went to delete my account so as to not have anyone see pictures of me on the internet. To my surprise there were not that many pictures left on my account, but anyone could look up my name on images in Google and find me. This I was not comfortable with, so I deleted my old Myspace account. Not to mention I hadn’t used my Myspace account since I was in 8th grade.

Political Views for College Students

After some research I have come across a few items that I think the average college student should be active upon or at least be aware of. As a college student I feel that female health care, tuition/student loans, and  equality should be a concern.

Female health care is a great concern because of the abortion debate. Yes, this is a great debate, but I think there is more to women’s health care than just abortions. There are pap smears, breast exams, birth control, STD/HIV testing, pregnancy tests, etc. A woman’s body is so much more different than a man’s and requires the appropriate health care; which in this country is hard to do at times. A lady has to jump through at least three hoops just to get birth control.

Another great concern to college students and, I’m sure this is not a great surprise, is tuition/loans. I have taken out loans and I have to say that it does worry me as I pursue my career. Will I be making enough to pay them off? Will I find a job in time to do so? Will I end up like my mother and pay my student loans YEARS after I’m done with college? I am worried. We are worried.

Much of what is going on in television and on the news right now is equality. The gay rights movement just got a huge boost by having marriages approved. This is a huge movement in the right direction for equality. Although I would like to see more equality happening in this country. We as a people could have women being paid equally as men, have people of different races being treated equally, being kind to our immigrants and refugees, etc.

These are a few things that I think college students today should start making plans for.

Social Issues

This week my fellow students and I were told to find a topic and get information about said topic. I chose health care, or more particularly women’s health care. We were also told to use crap detection, which is basically making sure that our sources are valid using three outside sources to validate said source.

My first source I thought should help my group by finding something about general health care. I Googled health care. What I found was a source saying that the United States had the least quality of health care compared to Western industrialized countries, but we so happen to spend the most. Some of the reasons the U.S is last in care is because there is not much access to primary care, more so to those with low income, and who don’t get needed care.

The rest of my sources I found on women’s health. What I found a lot of was the debate going on about Planned Parenthood. Mostly what I found was that the Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood. Their claim is that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted fetuses. Based on what one is looking for one will find articles that are really right wing or left wing. What I found in Planned Parenthood’s defense was that abortions only count for 3% of the practices that go on in the facility and that part of the practice is not government funded. The Republicans also have video which they use as evidence to prove that Planned Parenthood is selling fetuses. From the other reports that I searched it was said that the video is slandered, parts are mixed and matched to make it look how the Republicans want it to look. If they don’t get what they want they are threatening a walk out. The Democrats and others are saying that  if the government defunds Planned Parenthood it would make easy contraception and other availability such as pelvic exams, cervical/ breast cancer testing, pregnancy testing, STD/HIV testinging, etc; for young women very hard to come by.


Using my College Library

In this week’s challenge we had to look up our topics on Google Scholar and use our library data base.

The first thing I use was Google Scholar. I typed in a key word and a bunch of results but got results that didn’t really pertain to my topic or that were just too broad. It tried again but with quotation marks, my results were better. Once I started looking and started to find articles I thought I could use I got excited. What I was not excited about was all the reading I had to do just to figure out if I really needed the article or if it was really good for my topic. Eventually I would try to find the summary or the discussion part of the article to better see if I needed it without having to read the whole thing.

My next step was using the library data base. I looked at the YouTube video that my professor’s had posted to better see how to use it. After watching the video I headed right in. We used Academic Search Premier. After typing in my key words using quotation marks and clicking on the box that said full text I discovered there is more that one could do. So I clicked on the language I wanted, the years I wanted it from, and I made sure it was scholarly. Another thing I discovered on my own was that I could make my own folder to put my articles in. That is where I put all my articles that were related to health care.

From the school library I was able to research done on women’s health. There was actually a lot on women’s health, mostly to promote it and to do more research specifically on women’s health. There was also a journal article about learning more about the differences in the sexes, women’s health services, and partnerships with businesses and the scientific community. What I found most interesting was that the Office of Research on Women’s Health was the main source or article that women’s health was being done on. There were not many other journal articles that were on women’s health that did not have (ORWH) on it. What I found on Google Scholar were articles too, but not any from ORWH that I saw. What I did find were articles on how doctors could treat their patients better. Mostly on how some doctors could be a little prejudice/racist when diagnosing their patients. Mostly, what I read is that doctors are asking questions that pertain to the patients race or making decisions based on race. Yes, there are differences in health based on race, but the doctors must be aware that it is not to all diseases or sicknesses that race is a factor. It was also found that patients were being treated better when they were Caucasian rather than African American, Asian Or Hispanic, even White Hispanics were treated better. I used treated in the sense of health care and character. These are just a few of the findings that I found and the results that came from it.

Social Media Search

What we were supposed to do in this post according to our assignment was to find something on our topic that is in social media. My topic is health care.

Because I am a lady I thought I might find something on women’s health care. Unfortunately all I could find really, was stuff on Planned Parenthood. Lately, because of what has been going on with Planned Parenthood and the Republicans it’s all over social media. The worst part is that it is either really one sides or the other. So this time I decided to make it general; just health care.

First I went on Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account so I went on the main website and clicked on advanced search. I put in health care in the searched words and #healthcare in searched hashtags. At first it was hard going through the average Joe’s opinion on health care because that was all I could find. Eventually I got to AvaMed. Avamed is an organization that “is the leading association for med tech manufacturers: legislative, regulatory, payment, news you can use”(@AvaMedUpdate). What I found from them was that their organization works with companies to make medical technology. Mostly, they try to work with companies or even try to get people to start medical companies. They also promote the use of new medical technology.

The second organization that I found was on Facebook. This also took me awhile because I found more average Joe’s on my feed that were associated with or shared links on health care. Eventually I found an organization called World Health Organization or WHO. What this organization does is help people around the world with health care. Recently they are working on a project that helps adolescents with health care (ages 10-19). Mostly what I found from going through their feed was that they are working on doctors and patient understanding that a person’s age effects people’s health differently . Not only that, but will want to be treated differently, hence adolescent health care.

Of course, with these different sites I did some research and found them credible.

Link for WHO: https://www.facebook.com/WHO?fref=ts

Lurking and Why I’m Doing It

In this week’s post I am supposed to lurk on two social websites about my topic, health care. I am lurking because I’m supposed to get the feel of the community that I’m lurking in and see the interactions/ideas that goes on.

So again this week I am  looking at the World Health Organization, otherwise known as WHO on Facebook. This organization works on trying to bring health care around the world, obviously. Today, 10/13/15, WHO posted that today is the international day for #DisasterReduction. They continued to say that is it important for the community to work together and, of course, for basic health care. In other posts it also mentioned how adolescents can talk to doctors to get more health care information or how to contact an adult if a physician isn’t helping them. What I found interesting is that someone commented on the post about how they wish it would be easy in Paraguay in English. Then WHO actually commented back in Spanish with a flyer in Spanish and a link. Not only that but later on WHO posted a video about Female Genital Mutilation and before that an article on why it’s important for adolescent girls to get health care. On that day they said it was Girl Day, so their posts went accordingly. Up to 2,000 and more liked both posts and shared the links. Although, what I did notice from all the posts was that there were only about 2 comments for every post.

The second place I looked was on Twitter under an organization called StartUp Health. “ is a global health innovation company dedicated to growing and scaling startups focused on transforming healthcare.” (@StartUp Health, Twitter) From what I found on their feed was the promotion of new technology, such as holograms and partnering with other companies to make a startup. What I also noticed is that they mention a lot of people on their feed as well. Not only that, but they also have links and organizations to help you with your startup. From what I saw there was only a few retweets, 20 at the most, which I found interesting because I would think there would be more.

When I lurked I felt a bit odd because it is not something I normally do. Not to mention that I kind of felt bad when doing so because I felt, in a sense that I was stalking. I think it would be worse if it was an actual person rather than an organization because an organization isn’t human. When I lurked all I did was go through their feed, look at the comments, and see how much the organizations were posting. It was about everyday.

Here are the links to the organizations I visited. Listed in order.



Why I Am Still Lurking

Ok so this week I am going to be lurking on the same websites that I was lurking on the week before. If you did not see my last post or forgot the websites, it was the World Health Organization on Facebook and Startup Health on Twitter; and if you couldn’t figure it out these are both health organizations. The reason I am lurking is because I want to see the different interactions, comments, shares, likes, and what these organizations are putting on their feed.

What I find interesting about Startup Health is that there are no replies to their tweets, but there are a lot of shares and liking the topics. From this I can see there is a lot of traffic that comes in but not a lot of feedback. From what I see from the World Health Organization is that there is an average of about 1,500 likes 2,000 being the highest. There are some comments, around 35 to be the most. What I found interesting was that the organization would respond to the comments if a person had a question. So from what I can see is that they too have a lot of foot traffic, but I’m not sure how much of their information is getting out there.

From what I have found lurking on these sites is that the information they give out is basically the same and the interactions they get are the same. People come and look at their profile but don’t really participate. There are barely any comments, if at all, but we do know that people are viewing their profile. The only place they are really commenting is the World Health Organization and that’s only because that’s the only place where there are comments.

Here the links to these organizations if you want to check them out.



My Contribution to Social Media

So this week we are supposed to engage in some sort of social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or what have you. The way we are supposed to engage is by commenting on the topic or commenting on something someone else said on the page of what ever we chose.  We could also share the page on our social media cites to see what our friends say about the topic.

I chose to use the World Health Organization because I have been using this site in my last posts and have come some what familiar with the page. I noticed that they post images of their next project based on the date. For example their last post was polio. Oct 23 is international polio day. So for the last couple of days they put posts about polio and what people can do around the world.

This time I am going to put a post. I asked a question: What can I do to help in the U.S California? (I say this because they are based in Switzerland). Interestingly enough, my post was not visible on their page. Instead what I got was a post up that said “we will review your post”; indicating that I can’t just post something on their web page. My question is who is getting blocked from their page besides just me. So far the only way I can interact with this organization is by commenting on something they already have on their wall. I find this not very interactive at all…

Here’s the link! Try and see if you can see my comment.


I Try Commenting This Time

This week we are still trying to reach out to these organizations and groups about our topic. My topic is health. I chose to look at the organization: World Health Organization or (WHO). I noticed they commented back when people would comment on something that they posted. So I thought I would give it a try. I put the simple question, “What can one do in California, U.S?”. (This was from a post about polio being Iraq) I had no response from WHO, which surprised me because when people would ask this organization a question like this they usually responded. What I did notice was that a person commented after me praising the organization and WHO did respond to him. So I thought well maybe I should post something praising this organization, or by asking another question. I guess WHO could comment on a few but not all.

I noticed that they have a new topic this week. Now they are talking about the cyclone Chapala that is going to hit Yemen. They are raising awareness and working to help prepare these people. They are also talking about the cholera vaccination that they are organizing in Iraq. Not only that but they are spreading awareness for the antibiotic resistance, which is when people refuse to get treated. This results in disease that normally would have been cured “to undermining advances in medicine”(WHO). I personally had no idea that these things were going on in the world and I find it helpful that this organization is doing something about it. I thought it was just the U.S who had people who didn’t want to get vaccinated (separate things), but either way it is a serious medical issue.

Here is a link to WHO